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Stay away from doing business with this man, he has been convicted of insurance fraud, stole 1 million dollars from my husband and now hides all of his assets in his live in girlfriends name Jeanne Romero.He has scammed money from workers compensation administrators and parades around as Mr.

Dogooder. He told my husband that he would go back into business with him if he divorced me in order to hide all the assests under my name and his live in's name. DO NOT DO ANY BUSSINESS WITH THIS MAN, HE WILL ROB YOU BLIND.


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His son Wayne wickard II is on10 times worse


this is not about Wayne Wickard II, it is about his father Wayne G. Wickard


I was scammed into thinking Wayne was an honest man as well.However when you buy a truck, you'd think the title would come along with the purchase.

Thanks to Wayne and his empty promises I have a deprecating semi, no title and no way to sell or get the truck back on the road.He is crooked and a liar.


I have done business with Wayne Wickard for many years and I can say from experience that he is honest down to his core. I have also known kristy999 for many years and I can say from experience that she is a physco. Wayne Wickard has never stolen from anyone and anyone who knows him, knows that he is genuine and would help anyone if they asked


I concur with the previous person's comments.I too had a "run-in" with Mr.

Wickard. He was doing Employment Leasing and was supposed to be managing the worker's comp on his/my employees. He did not however pay what he was supposed to nor did he even have the correct classification codes. We are now being sued for $20K from worker's comp.

for something he should have been covering.

He does hide all of his assets in his girlfriend's name as previously mentioned.Stay away from him -- he is bad news.

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